What Do Off-Hours Car Crashes Cost Employers?


Employee driving behaviors have a direct effect on employer costs. The Network of Employers for Traffic Safety, or NETS, most recent study on the cost of motor vehicle crashes to employers explains just how much employers are paying for their employees' crashes. In 2013, car crashes killed more than 1,600 people and injured almost 300,000 while they were working. More than half of those injuries caused people to miss work. This results in workplace disruption, lost productivity, and liability and health-care costs. [su_divider top="no" divider_color="#fff" link_color="#fff"] In 2013, crash injuries on…

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Don’t Drive Drowsy: Facts and Risks


Drowsy Driving is a dangerous duo, mixing driving and fatigue. The AAA Foundation estimates that 328,000 crashes are the result of driver fatigue each year. However, these figures may only be the tip of the iceberg, seeing as it is difficult to attribute crashes to drowsiness. Drowsy Driving is a dangerous duo, mixing driving and fatigue. It killed 846 people in 2014. This can happen due to lack of sleep, sleeping disorders, drinking alcohol, or even taking medication. As a result, the driver may have slower reaction times, impaired thinking, and reduced…

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Rising Temps, Rising Deaths


In a 10 minute span, your car can heat up by 20 degrees. With summer well underway, it is important to look at the facts and dangers behind heatstroke. Heatstroke is the leading cause of non-crash related fatalities for children ages 14 and under. In a 10 minute span, your car can heat up by 20 degrees. That's enough to kill a child left alone in a car. [su_divider top="no" divider_color="#fff" link_color="#fff"] Let's take a look at the facts: 719 children have died due to heatstroke since 1998 to present day.…

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Car Crashes are the Leading Cause of Workplace Deaths


Car crashes are the leading cause of death in the workplace. According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, more than 13 people per day lose their lives while doing their jobs. Car crashes are the leading cause of death in the workplace. Research has shown that "off-hours" automobile crashes cost employers nearly as much as "on-hours" crashes do, but the costs are carried differently. The National Safety Council recently released their 2017 Injury Facts, where they explain the costs of deaths and injuries. The economic costs of motor vehicle deaths…

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What is Missing in Most Employer HR Wellness & Benefits Programs?


Does your HR Wellness & Benefits Program address the most dangerous activity your employees do every day? According to the U.S. Census Bureau, in 2013, 76.4% of workers 16 years and older drove alone on their commute to and from work, and another almost 10% carpooled. As something that most do every single day, Driver Safety seems to be overlooked when it comes to other Wellness Programs. Most Wellness Programs focus on individual health, including healthy eating and regular exercise, and some incorporate financial and emotional wellness. Recent studies have…

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Does Political Affiliation Have an Effect on Road Safety?


Does political standing have an effect on road safety? From The National Safety Counsel on Road Safety. The National Safety Council released their State of Safety report, which grades each state in the US based on Road Safety, Home & Community Safety, and Workplace Safety. Accordingly, each category breaks down into subsections that relate to cause of injury, protective factors, vulnerable road users, and legislative action. In addition, each of these issues are represented by indicators. These indicators include specific programs, policies, and practices that affect safety in the United…

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Florida scores a “D” on the State of Safety Report


The National Safety Council released The State of Safety: A State-By-State Report yesterday, which graded each state in the US based on road safety, home and community safety, and workplace safety. No single state in the nation received an overall "A" in doing enough to protect its citizens from the leading causes of preventable deaths and injuries. Lets find out why Florida scored an overall "D." Road Safety: F While Florida has shown some promise in areas of child passengers, older drivers, seat belts, speeding, and teen drivers, the state…

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Tips for Staying Safe This Summer


Summer has arrived and it is time for family road trips! Before you set out on your vacation, take some time to review these Tips for Staying Safe: [su_list icon="icon: car" icon_color="#336699"] Get your car serviced: Regular maintenance such as oil changes, battery checks, tune-ups, and tire rotations are crucial when it comes to preventing breakdowns. [/su_list] [su_list icon="icon: exclamation-triangle" icon_color="#336699"] Check for recalls: Sometimes recalls occur and drivers are unaware their vehicle needs to be repaired. Before you go, check the recall status of your vehicle here. [/su_list] [su_list…

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Debunked Drunk Driving Myths


"I know how my body handles alcohol." Driving drunk is deadly, killing someone every 53 minutes in the United States. That's 28 people every day. Despite the facts, people are still driving drunk. Let's bust some common myths when it comes to drunk driving. "Drinking coffee will sober me up!" The only way to sober up is with time. No amount of caffeine will speed up the processing of alcohol in your system. "Beer doesn't get me as drunk as hard liquor does." A standard drink, no matter the type…

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Be a Part of the “Rideshare Research Project”


We have developed specific training to help rideshare drivers improve their service and ratings. Have your say in shaping the future of this program. The Rideshare Research Project is collecting and analyzing data from both riders and drivers who use rideshare programs like Uber, Lyft, Sidecar, and others. You are invited to participate in this project by completing either the "Rider" or "Driver" survey, or both is applicable. Each survey takes less than 5 minutes to complete. After completing the survey, you'll be given a coupon code that you can use…

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