Benefits of Microlearning in the Workplace

Microlearning is a technique of workforce training that is delivered in short, focused courses that can be completed in around 5 to 6 minutes. More and more businesses are switching over to this bite-sized approach for their in-house training because of the benefits to both employers and employees. What makes Microlearning effective? Microlearning courses are…


The Risks of Distracted Walking

In recent years, Distracted Driving has become more prevalent in our society. We have seen more and more campaigns against the use of mobile devices while driving and the tragedies that have occurred because of distracted drivers. However, driving isn’t the only dangerous activity you can do while texting. Studies from the University at Buffalo…


Six Sure Stops that Smart Drivers Avoid

Nothing slows one’s roll down like hearing the siren of a police car wailing behind their car. Aside from trying to remember whether your registration is still in the front dash, this is the moment where you are rapidly scrambling to come up with a defense against a possible traffic violation. While there are a…


Drive Safer Sunday is November 26

Drive Safer Sunday is sponsored by Road Safe America, a non-profit organization dedicated to reducing collisions between tractor-trailers and passenger vehicles. Steve Owings and his wife, Susan, founded RSA in 2003 after their son, Cullum, was killed when his car – stopped in an interstate traffic jam – was crushed from behind by a speeding…


Florida’s Seat Belt Usage at All-Time High

Florida’s Seat Belt Usage on An All-Time High: To not be totally critical here, we would like to refer to a press release by the Florida Department of Transportation (FDOT), on October 17th 2017, regarding a research study that they conducted. According to the results of the research study, the rate of statewide usage of…


Unilever Tackling Distracted Driving With New Policy

Motor on, Mobile off. In 2015, Unilever produced their new policy – MOMO. Motor on, mobile off. Since its implementation, the company has seen a considerable fall in accident rates and collision claims. MOMO doesn’t just apply to company drivers, either. It applies to all employees, from someone in the accounting department, a fleet driver,…


2016 Crash Management Survey

The future of fleet safety may shine bright. Automotive Fleet released their 2016 accident management survey that reveals how fleet safety has evolved over the last several years. While preventable deaths have been at an all time high, these survey facts show how the future of fleet safety may shine bright. Decisive Data Out of the…


Be Prepared: Hurricane Tips

With Hurricane Irma on its way, it is vital that everyone prepares a disaster kit and a checklist in case of emergency. By starting early, you can avoid the chaos that occurs at grocery stores when a hurricane is coming. Here are some basics to keep stocked at your home: Water – Keep one gallon of water…


Meet the Fatal Four

Employee driving behaviors have a direct effect on employer costs. The Network of Employers for Traffic Safety’s new study on the cost of motor vehicle crashes to employers describes the costs employers pay for their employees’ driving behaviors both on and off the job. It found that four driving behaviors are especially damaging to employers….


Road Safety Tips for the 2017 Solar Eclipse

The AAA foundation released tips for drivers during the solar eclipse. With monumental events like the eclipse, it is important to be prepared for anything that can happen. Keep these tips in mind if you are going to be traveling during this once in a lifetime experience. Do not attempt to view the eclipse while driving….


What Do Off-Hours Car Crashes Cost Employers?

Employee driving behaviors have a direct effect on employer costs. The Network of Employers for Traffic Safety, or NETS, most recent study on the cost of motor vehicle crashes to employers explains just how much employers are paying for their employees’ crashes. In 2013, car crashes killed more than 1,600 people and injured almost 300,000 while…


Don’t Drive Drowsy: Facts and Risks

Drowsy Driving is a dangerous duo, mixing driving and fatigue. The AAA Foundation estimates that 328,000 crashes are the result of driver fatigue each year. However, these figures may only be the tip of the iceberg, seeing as it is difficult to attribute crashes to drowsiness. Drowsy Driving is a dangerous duo, mixing driving and fatigue. It…


Rising Temps, Rising Deaths

In a 10 minute span, your car can heat up by 20 degrees. With summer well underway, it is important to look at the facts and dangers behind heatstroke. Heatstroke is the leading cause of non-crash related fatalities for children ages 14 and under. In a 10 minute span, your car can heat up by 20…


Car Crashes are the Leading Cause of Workplace Deaths

Car crashes are the leading cause of death in the workplace. According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, more than 13 people per day lose their lives while doing their jobs. Car crashes are the leading cause of death in the workplace. Research has shown that “off-hours” automobile crashes cost employers nearly as much as…


What is Missing in Most Employer HR Wellness & Benefits Programs?

Does your HR Wellness & Benefits Program address the most dangerous activity your employees do every day? According to the U.S. Census Bureau, in 2013, 76.4% of workers 16 years and older drove alone on their commute to and from work, and another almost 10% carpooled. As something that most do every single day, Driver…


Does Political Affiliation Have an Effect on Road Safety?

Does political standing have an effect on road safety? From The National Safety Counsel on Road Safety. The National Safety Council released their State of Safety report, which grades each state in the US based on Road Safety, Home & Community Safety, and Workplace Safety. Accordingly, each category breaks down into subsections that relate to…


Florida scores a “D” on the State of Safety Report

The National Safety Council released The State of Safety: A State-By-State Report yesterday, which graded each state in the US based on road safety, home and community safety, and workplace safety. No single state in the nation received an overall “A” in doing enough to protect its citizens from the leading causes of preventable deaths…


Tips for Staying Safe This Summer

Summer has arrived and it is time for family road trips! Before you set out on your vacation, take some time to review these Tips for Staying Safe: Summer Checklist:


Debunked Drunk Driving Myths

“I know how my body handles alcohol.” Driving drunk is deadly, killing someone every 53 minutes in the United States. That’s 28 people every day. Despite the facts, people are still driving drunk. Let’s bust some common myths when it comes to drunk driving. “Drinking coffee will sober me up!” The only way to sober…


Be a Part of the “Rideshare Research Project”

We have developed specific training to help rideshare drivers improve their service and ratings. Have your say in shaping the future of this program. The Rideshare Research Project is collecting and analyzing data from both riders and drivers who use rideshare programs like Uber, Lyft, Sidecar, and others. You are invited to participate in this project…


Walmart Employees Taking Part in Delivery on Commute Home

Volunteer Walmart associates can sign up to deliver products to customer’s homes on their way home from work. Yesterday, President and CEO of Walmart U.S. eCommerce, Marc Lore, announced that Walmart is testing another method of quick product delivery – their employees on their commute home. This new program further blurs the line between on-the-job and off-the-job driving…


Uber Driver Killed in Illinois

How much customer service does it take to stop a homicidal passenger? A 16 year old is facing charges of killing her Uber driver after attacking him with a knife and machete. She had just stolen the weapons from Walmart before Nelson, the driver, picked her up. Within a few minutes into the ride, Wasni,…


Stay Safe on the Road This Memorial Day Weekend

Stay Safe on the Road and Prevent Accidents The National Safety Council is urging everyone to be extra cautious this Memorial Day weekend, because their goal is zero deaths. However, they estimate that 409 people may die on the roads during this upcoming holiday. It is the highest estimate the NSC has had since 2012…


Small Business Fleet Safety Tips

You don’t need a fleet of thousands to benefit from fleet management. Employees are the fundamental wheels that drive small business to success. The NHTSA stated that 94% of accidents in the US are a result of driver error. Therefore, there is high return on investment when you ensure your employees arrive and depart in a…


Families of Distracted Driving Victims Plead to Florida Lawmakers

Florida is one of four states with secondary laws for texting and driving. During a House Government Accountability Committee workshop, people affected by distracted driving spoke with lawmakers. Family members, state and police officials, and lobbyists all made comments. One father, Demetrius Branca, urged lawmakers to move distracted driving from a secondary offense to a…


Uber Drivers Ruled as Employees in Brazil

The debate that drivers should be employees rather than contractors is one that has been discussed among drivers online. A judge in Sao Paulo ruled that a driver using Uber is an employee rather than an independent contractor. Uber is working to appeal the decision made by Judge Eduardo Rockenbach Pires. Judge Pires ordered Uber to…


Cinco de Mayo Drunk Driving Prevention

Driving Drunk Affects Everyone Cinco de Mayo is a night of fun here in the US, but it’s also a night of danger. Driving drunk not only affects the person behind the wheel, but others on the road as well. Crashes on and off the job have far-reaching financial and emotional effects on employees, their coworkers…


Distracted Driving Awareness Month – April 2017

While many distractions exist when driving, cell phones are a top distraction. Other distractions can include tending to passengers in the back seat, eating, putting on makeup or grooming, adjusting the radio, and checking your GPS. April is National Distracted Driving Awareness Month in the United States. Distracted driving involves anything that takes your eyes…


Work Zone Safety Awareness Week 2017

Florida Department of Transportation is holding several safety awareness events during this week. April 3rd through April 7th is National Work Zone Safety Awareness Week. The Florida Department of Transportation is asking motorists, “What Drives You?” Steve Martin P.E., FDOT District Five Secretary said “Think about what drives you every day – your family, career,…


Uber, Lyft Drivers: How Fair is the Fare?

False claims and ratings from passengers can adversely affect the driver and their overall rating. Many Ridesharing Drivers have expressed their thoughts and feelings online in forums; discussing wages, surge hours and pricing, seeking advice, or just looking to vent. While having a vocal and supportive community is important, where is the support from their…


Texting and Driving Victim’s Family Pushing to Make a Difference

The family said that tougher laws could have saved Lavon’s life. Lavon Reese, a 24 year old Florida State University student, was killed in a high-speed, distraction affected crash. The driver of the vehicle, Ashli Harvey, was driving 89 mph and texting. She faces three years in prison after entering into a plea deal. Reese’s…


Alcohol Fueled Crash Kills Teenager

“Everybody was unconscious in that car.” Multiple trauma alerts required several victims to be airlifted to the hospital. Florida Highway Patrol report indicates alcohol was a factor. Authorities say 18 year old Patterson was under the influence when he ran a red light and consequently collided with a Ford truck. The accident occurred at around 1…


Shortage of Volunteer Drivers in Minnesota

Statutes in Minnesota still need further clarification on the difference between volunteers and employees. Volunteer drivers are a crucial segment of transportation in Minnesota. Organizations use volunteer drivers as a low cost method of transportation for people that need services, whereas other forms of transportation would be less cost-effective or lower the quality of service….


Distracted Driving Comes with a “Hangover Effect”

Distracted driving can cause an experience similar to a “hangover effect.” 52% of drivers in 2011 reported owning a smartphone. Three years later, that number skyrocketed to 80%. 52% of drivers in 2011 reported owning a smartphone. Three years later, that number skyrocketed to 80%. While it’s obvious that texting and driving is a major distraction,…


Seat Belt Use in 2015

Seat Belt Use The use of seat belts increased from 81.2% in 2006 to 88.5% in 2015, according to NOPUS. NOPUS is a survey that provides nationwide probability based data in the United States. 22,441 passenger vehicle occupants were killed in traffic crashes in 2015. Additionally, 52% of those occupants were known to be restrained with a seat…


Statistics on Speeding and Aggressive Driving in 2016

Speeding and Aggressive Behavior A little over half of drivers (57%) reported that they drive about as fast as other drivers on the road. Nearly one fifth (18.1%) of drivers reported that they drive faster than other drivers. But what about on freeways, where speeding is frequent? Almost half (45.6%) say have driven 15 MPH…


Distracted Driving in 2014

Distracted driving poses a danger to everyone on the road. Don’t let your next text be your last one. This table provides information on crashes, drivers, and fatalities involved in fatal distraction-affected crashes in 2014. Crashes Drivers Fatalities Total 29,989 44,583 32,675 Distraction-Affected (D-A) 2,955 (10% of total crashes) 3,000 (7% of total drivers) 3,179…


Some History of Drunk Driving Laws

Drunk Driving Laws have changed quite a lot over the years. Let’s take a look at the history of Drunk Driving Laws. In 1938, thanks to research by the American Medical Association and the National Safety Council, 0.15 percent became the first commonly-used legal limit for blood alcohol concentration (BAC). In 1953, Robert Borkenstein, a…

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