The Risks of Distracted Walking


In recent years, Distracted Driving has become more prevalent in our society. We have seen more and more campaigns against the use of mobile devices while driving and the tragedies that have occurred because of distracted drivers. However, driving isn’t the only dangerous activity you can do while texting. Studies from the University at Buffalo show that walking while distracted results in more injuries per mile than distracted driving. Pedestrians have been seen walking into light posts, stepping into traffic, and even falling into water fountains all while on their…

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Six Sure Stops that Smart Drivers Avoid


Nothing slows one’s roll down like hearing the siren of a police car wailing behind their car. Aside from trying to remember whether your registration is still in the front dash, this is the moment where you are rapidly scrambling to come up with a defense against a possible traffic violation. While there are a number of situations where the driver is responsible for breaking the traffic laws, the following six driving behaviors are most likely to land even the most conscientious driver with a ticket or a citation. STOP…

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Drive Safer Sunday is November 26


Drive Safer Sunday is sponsored by Road Safe America, a non-profit organization dedicated to reducing collisions between tractor-trailers and passenger vehicles. Steve Owings and his wife, Susan, founded RSA in 2003 after their son, Cullum, was killed when his car - stopped in an interstate traffic jam - was crushed from behind by a speeding tractor-trailer going 8 miles per hour above the posted speed limit on cruise control. That crash occurred on the Sunday after Thanksgiving as Cullum returned to college after spending the week at home in Atlanta…

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Unilever Tackling Distracted Driving With New Policy


Motor on, Mobile off. In 2015, Unilever produced their new policy - MOMO. Motor on, mobile off. Since its implementation, the company has seen a considerable fall in accident rates and collision claims. MOMO doesn't just apply to company drivers, either. It applies to all employees, from someone in the accounting department, a fleet driver, or an executive. The company adopted this policy into their culture and the message is even spreading into the homes of employees. Oleg Cytowicz, Americas fleet lead of Unilever, says that "it stems from a…

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2016 Crash Management Survey


The future of fleet safety may shine bright. Automotive Fleet released their 2016 accident management survey that reveals how fleet safety has evolved over the last several years. While preventable deaths have been at an all time high, these survey facts show how the future of fleet safety may shine bright. Decisive Data Out of the entire survey, some of the most significant data is the gradual decline for drivers involved in crashes who are in the ages of 18 and 45. The groups were separated as 18 to 25, 26…

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Meet the Fatal Four


Employee driving behaviors have a direct effect on employer costs. The Network of Employers for Traffic Safety's new study on the cost of motor vehicle crashes to employers describes the costs employers pay for their employees' driving behaviors both on and off the job. It found that four driving behaviors are especially damaging to employers.  Speeding, Drinking and Driving, Distracted Driving, and Non-Seat Belt Use are the four most costly behaviors to employers. We're going to break down each behavior and see the effect they have on employer costs. Speeding:…

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Stay Safe on the Road This Memorial Day Weekend


Stay Safe on the Road and Prevent Accidents The National Safety Council is urging everyone to be extra cautious this Memorial Day weekend, because their goal is zero deaths. However, they estimate that 409 people may die on the roads during this upcoming holiday. It is the highest estimate the NSC has had since 2012 for this holiday, and is 12% higher than it has been for the previous 6 Memorial Day weekends. Additionally, the NSC also estimates that 47,000 people may face serious injury during this time. Lets work…

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Families of Distracted Driving Victims Plead to Florida Lawmakers


Florida is one of four states with secondary laws for texting and driving. During a House Government Accountability Committee workshop, people affected by distracted driving spoke with lawmakers. Family members, state and police officials, and lobbyists all made comments. One father, Demetrius Branca, urged lawmakers to move distracted driving from a secondary offense to a primary offense. Branca lost his 19-year-old son in a crash involving a distracted driver back in 2013. He has frustration with lawmakers who fail to see the importance of distraced driving laws. “Picking out a…

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Distracted Driving Awareness Month – April 2017


While many distractions exist when driving, cell phones are a top distraction. Other distractions can include tending to passengers in the back seat, eating, putting on makeup or grooming, adjusting the radio, and checking your GPS. April is National Distracted Driving Awareness Month in the United States. Distracted driving involves anything that takes your eyes off the road, hands off the wheel, and your mind off of driving. This risky behavior is not only dangerous for yourself as the driver, but for everyone else on the road, as well. The…

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Texting and Driving Victim’s Family Pushing to Make a Difference


The family said that tougher laws could have saved Lavon's life. Lavon Reese, a 24 year old Florida State University student, was killed in a high-speed, distraction affected crash. The driver of the vehicle, Ashli Harvey, was driving 89 mph and texting. She faces three years in prison after entering into a plea deal. Reese's family has focused on changing Florida's texting while driving laws, law is a secondary offense, meaning drivers cannot be pulled over simply for texting. Gwendolyn Reese and Jeffery Peaten, Lavon's aunt and cousin, are working with lawmakers…

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