Six Sure Stops that Smart Drivers Avoid


Nothing slows one’s roll down like hearing the siren of a police car wailing behind their car. Aside from trying to remember whether your registration is still in the front dash, this is the moment where you are rapidly scrambling to come up with a defense against a possible traffic violation. While there are a number of situations where the driver is responsible for breaking the traffic laws, the following six driving behaviors are most likely to land even the most conscientious driver with a ticket or a citation. STOP…

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Drive Safer Sunday is November 26


Drive Safer Sunday is sponsored by Road Safe America, a non-profit organization dedicated to reducing collisions between tractor-trailers and passenger vehicles. Steve Owings and his wife, Susan, founded RSA in 2003 after their son, Cullum, was killed when his car - stopped in an interstate traffic jam - was crushed from behind by a speeding tractor-trailer going 8 miles per hour above the posted speed limit on cruise control. That crash occurred on the Sunday after Thanksgiving as Cullum returned to college after spending the week at home in Atlanta…

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Meet the Fatal Four


Employee driving behaviors have a direct effect on employer costs. The Network of Employers for Traffic Safety's new study on the cost of motor vehicle crashes to employers describes the costs employers pay for their employees' driving behaviors both on and off the job. It found that four driving behaviors are especially damaging to employers.  Speeding, Drinking and Driving, Distracted Driving, and Non-Seat Belt Use are the four most costly behaviors to employers. We're going to break down each behavior and see the effect they have on employer costs. Speeding:…

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Texting and Driving Victim’s Family Pushing to Make a Difference


The family said that tougher laws could have saved Lavon's life. Lavon Reese, a 24 year old Florida State University student, was killed in a high-speed, distraction affected crash. The driver of the vehicle, Ashli Harvey, was driving 89 mph and texting. She faces three years in prison after entering into a plea deal. Reese's family has focused on changing Florida's texting while driving laws, law is a secondary offense, meaning drivers cannot be pulled over simply for texting. Gwendolyn Reese and Jeffery Peaten, Lavon's aunt and cousin, are working with lawmakers…

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Statistics on Speeding and Aggressive Driving in 2016


Speeding and Aggressive Behavior [su_divider top="no" divider_color="#ffffff" link_color="#ffffff"]A little over half of drivers (57%) reported that they drive about as fast as other drivers on the road. Nearly one fifth (18.1%) of drivers reported that they drive faster than other drivers. [su_divider top="no"] [su_divider top="no" divider_color="#ffffff" link_color="#ffffff"]But what about on freeways, where speeding is frequent? Almost half (45.6%) say have driven 15 MPH over the limit in the past month, and 13.7% do so regularly. [su_divider top="no"] [su_divider top="no" divider_color="#ffffff" link_color="#ffffff"]Additionally, 46% of drivers have driven 10 MPH over the…

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