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The purpose of the Health and Road Safety Program (H&RS) is to describe the training, learning and review that will help to produce secure and safe accountable drivers for the future of your company.

The Health and Road Safety Program forms part of a wider program of measures designed to significantly reduce the risks created by employees who commute, especially those that have a long drive each day. The aim of the H&RS is to develop a competent driver who is fully engaged in the act of driving safely and responsibly. The purpose of H&RS is to help learners to acquire road traffic know-how with four basic modules. They are Speeding, Distractions, Seat Belt Use, and Drinking and Driving. On finishing the training, they should have the knowledge, understanding, and skills as well as the attitudes and behaviors that a driver needs to begin the road traffic environment in a safe and responsible manner.

Creating a culture of safe and socially dependable driving is essential for reducing deaths and casualties on our roads. This calls for major changes in the attitudes and driving behaviors of all drivers but mainly those commuting daily to and from work.

This describes H&RS a best practice approach to the learning to drive process and set up a safe driving program to keep your employees safe on the road.

Motor vehicle crashes are a leading cause of death and injury for all ages. Crashes on and off the job have far-reaching financial and emotional effects on employees, their coworkers and families, and their supervisors.

You need H&RS:

  • To save lives and to reduce the risk of life-altering injuries within your workforce
  • To protect your organization’s human and financial resources
  • To keep medical insurance rates low to not cause the companies claim rates to rise
  • To guard against potential company fringe benefits and disability claims
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