Debunked Drunk Driving Myths


“I know how my body handles alcohol.”

Driving drunk is deadly, killing someone every 53 minutes in the United States. That’s 28 people every day. Despite the facts, people are still driving drunk. Let’s bust some common myths when it comes to drunk driving.

  1. “Drinking coffee will sober me up!”
    The only way to sober up is with time. No amount of caffeine will speed up the processing of alcohol in your system.
  2. “Beer doesn’t get me as drunk as hard liquor does.”
    A standard drink, no matter the type of alcohol, typically contains the same amount of ethanol: 12 grams.
  3. “I know how my body handles alcohol.”
    Just because you have a tolerance, does not mean that alcohol doesn’t affect you. Your reflexes and judgement can certainly be affected with the first drink.
  4. “Eating before drinking will keep me sober.”
    Eating before drinking only delays the effects of alcohol, which in turn could make you drink more to feel the effects.
  5. “I’ll just drive slower.”
    Many people believe they can compensate for being drunk by creeping below the posted speed limit. Impaired drivers are dangerous at any speed, and going under the speed limit is just as suspicious as speeding.
  6. “Sucking on a penny or breath mint will throw the Breathalyzer test.”
    The Breathalyzer measures blood alcohol content by sampling air from deep within your lungs, which pennies and mints have no affect on. As a result, this only shows the officer how scared you are of being caught driving drunk.
  7. “I can have a second drink and be fine.”
    A second drink can double your chances of a fatal collision. Data has shown that deadly consequences can occur from driving after a second drink.
  8. “I’ll sober up after a few hours of sleep.”
    It takes about an hour per every unit of alcohol consumed for your BAC to reach back to zero. If you’ve been drinking doubles of your favorite cocktail, it will take you twice as long to sober up. You could wake up and still not have a blood alcohol content of 0.

If you are going to drink, take preventative measures to ensure you have a safe ride home.

  • Designate a sober driver.
    If you are going to drink, plan on not driving and find a sober driver ahead of time.
  • Call a taxi, use public transportation, find an Uber or Lyft, etc.
    If you become intoxicated, do not drive under any circumstance. It is not worth risking your life or any one else’s. There is always another way to get home safely.
  • Book a hotel or stay the night.
    Making arrangements to stay the night or to book a hotel room are smart ways to avoid driving drunk. You can now enjoy the event without worrying about how you’re going to get home.

Don’t let your friends drive drunk, and if you see someone you think may be driving drunk, keep your distance, call 911, and always make sure you’re wearing your seat belt. Seat belts are the best defense against drunk drivers.

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