Fatal Four

Fix these four driving behaviors to reduce your risks and costs.


Speeding remains the top contributing factor in most crashes, and increases the frequency and severity of crashes. Speed-related crashes cost employers $8.4B dollars in 2013, with a higher percentage of costs occurring in off-the-job crashes.


 Distracted Driving
Distracted driving is just behind speeding for contributing factors in car crashes, costing employers $8.2B dollars in 2013. Almost half of those costs are associated with employees or their benefits-eligible dependents involvement in “off-the-job” crashes.


Drinking and Driving
Drinking and driving related “on-the-job” costs were roughly $1B dollars, but injuries of employees and benefits-eligible dependents for “off-the-job” expenses that employers paid was roughly $5B dollars.


 Seat Belts
“Off-the-job” injuries to employees and their benefits-eligible dependents was $4B dollars in 2013, compared with $0.9B for non-restraint related injuries while “on-the-job”. Companies are doing a better job with policy mandating seat belt use on the job, but the message isn’t making it home.

hrs-fb-shop1Greatly reduce the risks faced by your employees and their families while protecting your company’s bottom line.

Implement a driver safety program in the workplace today.

Our course includes four modules:

Seat Belt Use
Drinking and Driving

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