Florida scores a “D” on the State of Safety Report


The National Safety Council released The State of Safety: A State-By-State Report yesterday, which graded each state in the US based on road safety, home and community safety, and workplace safety.

No single state in the nation received an overall “A” in doing enough to protect its citizens from the leading causes of preventable deaths and injuries. Lets find out why Florida scored an overall “D.”

Road Safety: F

While Florida has shown some promise in areas of child passengers, older drivers, seat belts, speeding, and teen drivers, the state has fallen short on distracted driving and vulnerable road users. Distracted driving is a growing threat, and Florida has yet to ban cellphone use for teens and ban texting for all drivers. Florida is on track when it comes to alcohol impaired driving. The state has a sobriety checkpoint program, open container ban for drivers and passengers, and a 90+ day license revocation for those testing above .08 or those who refused the test.

Home and Community Safety: D

With Florida being the quintessential place to be for summer, the state is lacking in drowning prevention. CPR is not a requirement for high school graduates. Additionally, public pool and water facility regulations have not been updated to confirm with the model aquatic health code. However, Florida is developing in the other areas of firearms, home fires, older adult falls, poisonings, and youth sports-related concussions. While there is still more work to do, this is the category the state scores best in.

Workplace Safety: F

Florida is completely off track when it comes to Worker’s Compensation, ranking low in the nation when it comes to benefits based on temporary and permanent disabilities. In the two remaining areas, the state has developing legislation on prevention, preparedness, enforcement, and worker health and well-being. State and local government employees are not covered by OSHA and there are no laws on state workplace violence. Orlando saw another mass shooting due to workplace violence just earlier this month.

We made Florida a report card, feel free to share it with friends and family. Let’s all work together to make Florida’s Roads safer for everyone.

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