“iDrive-i4” is a FREE Road Safety Program for Florida Drivers

simple-billboard-idrivei4ORLANDO, FL — Central Florida’s I-4 is once again ranked as the most dangerous road in America, based on the high ratio of “deaths per mile” reported (between 1.25 and 1.4 dpm) in several recent studies.

In an effort to improve road safety all along the I-4 corridor, Health and Road Safety (H&RS) has established the new “iDrive-i4 Safety Initiative“. Our goal is to attempt to reduce crashes, injuries, and deaths on I-4 between Daytona, Orlando, and Tampa.

To help jump-start the program, H&RS has immediately made available the driver safety course tilted “Speeding and Aggressive Driving” for free to individuals, organizations, companies and municipalities.

“This course is an approximation of the I-4 specific course currently in development. After reading the recent news about I-4, I thought it was important to start doing something now, and not wait until the custom course development was completed”, said Michael Bragg, President of Compendium Software Systems, LLC – the company responsible for Health & Road Safety, as well as several other driver-safety training systems.

New Initiative

H&RS has started an internal custom training course development project to create driver safety training specifically geared to the unique characteristics of the I-4 corridor. Once completed, this new targeted training will be offered to the public for free, replacing the Speeding and Aggressive Behavior content.

“We’re building custom course content for this specific road – something I don’t think has been done before in our industry. We will work with authorities in law enforcement, local government, and the “I-4 Ultimate” construction project. This way we can tailor the new training material, targeting those specific characteristics of I-4, local traffic local conditions, and on-going and planned construction work”, said Bragg. “We will then encourage businesses all along the corridor to become active partners in the iDrive-i4 safety initiative by rewarding drivers who present valid training certificates. Perhaps with a discount at the door, free parking validation, or something similar.”

Between the years of 2011 and 2015, 165 people lost their lives on I-4’s 132-mile stretch. That’s 1.25 deaths per mile. The most dangerous city on this highway? Orlando. Compared to I-75, which made number 11 on the list, I-4 is more than twice as dangerous.

“This is personal for us. Our friends, family, coworkers drive I-4 on a regular basis. I regularly drive I-4 myself. Since we are in the road safety business and have a great deal of experience in this field, I feel like we need to bring our skills and talents to the situation, and attempt to make it better” said Bragg.

Florida Highway Patrol says the reason for this isn’t the construction or roadways themselves, but the drivers. FHP Trooper Steve Gaskins recalls the problems they have been facing for years. “People driving too fast, following too closely, cutting in and out of other traffic, not using turn signals, not driving with courtesy.”

Free Course (with coupon code idrivei4)


Take the free “Speeding and Aggressive Behavior”  driver safety course here. As more people understand the many behaviors that can become aggressive and see their own behavior in a new light, they can begin to adopt safer driving practices and manage risk more effectively.

One driver at a time, we can make Interstate 4, and all Florida roads, safer for every citizen and visitor.

Compendium Software Systems, LLC is a VA Certified Service Disabled Veteran Owned Business (SDVOSB) with offices in Longwood, Florida. Compendium develops innovative and effective computer based training and learning management systems, including BrightFleet™, Health & Road Safety™, iDrive-i4.org™. They can be reached at “hello@compendiumusa.com” or by phone at 407-377-7233.

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