“Everybody Drives” – eBook for HR Professionals


New research shows “off-hours” automobile crashes cost employers nearly as much as “on-hours” crashes do, but the costs are carried differently so many employers have yet to take sensible counter measures.

This FREE eBook describes the findings of the new NETS study, helps you relate them to your organization, and offers a sensible strategy to help you reduce the burden to your company.



You may not think of your business as having a fleet of vehicles, or an army of drivers; but most likely you do.

If you have employees, you have drivers. Their off-hours crash related injuries are carried in health-care related costs to your company, and the total costs are staggering.

In this FREE eBook, we will:

  • Debunk the myth that “off-hours” crashes are not a company problem,
  • Show you where you will find the direct and indirect costs of “off-hours” crashes in your own budget and operations,
  • Provide a sensible strategy of low cost counter-measures you can adopt to directly address this growing problem.
Figure 4 from “Everybody Drives”

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