Statistics on Speeding and Aggressive Driving in 2016


Speeding and Aggressive Behavior

A little over half of drivers (57%) reported that they drive about as fast as other drivers on the road. Nearly one fifth (18.1%) of drivers reported that they drive faster than other drivers.

But what about on freeways, where speeding is frequent? Almost half (45.6%) say have driven 15 MPH over the limit in the past month, and 13.7% do so regularly.

Additionally, 46% of drivers have driven 10 MPH over the limit on a residential street in the past month, and 10.5% do so regularly. Yet, 88.3% find it unacceptable to drive 10 MPH over the limit on a residential street.

Red-Light Running

Drivers agreed overwhelmingly at 92.8% that it is unacceptable for a driver to drive through a light that had already turned red when they could have stopped safely. However, more than one third (35.6%) of drivers have admitting to doing just that in the past month.

Drivers ages 19-24 were the most likely group to consider running a red light to be acceptable, and were the least likely to support red light enforcement.

See the full report here.

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