Does Political Affiliation Have an Effect on Road Safety?


Does political standing have an effect on road safety?

From The National Safety Counsel on Road Safety.

The National Safety Council released their State of Safety report, which grades each state in the US based on Road Safety, Home & Community Safety, and Workplace Safety. Accordingly, each category breaks down into subsections that relate to cause of injury, protective factors, vulnerable road users, and legislative action. In addition, each of these issues are represented by indicators. These indicators include specific programs, policies, and practices that affect safety in the United States. The NSC worked diligently with experts across industries to make sure each indicator was held at the same level of potential impact.

The following table displays the results of the State of Safety report, ranking each state by performance. Maryland’s rank is #1, whereas Missouri’s rank is #51.

Consequently, we decided to compare these results with the results of the 2016 election. We matched each state with the Election Night Map from 270 To Win.
So, does political standing have an effect on road safety? Let’s find out. Here’s the updated table with the results from the Election Night map.

States in blue voted Democrat, and states in red voted Republican. Maine was equally divided in the last election, therefore is shown in blue but underlined in red.

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