Stay Safe on the Road This Memorial Day Weekend


Stay Safe on the Road and Prevent Accidents

The National Safety Council is urging everyone to be extra cautious this Memorial Day weekend, because their goal is zero deaths. However, they estimate that 409 people may die on the roads during this upcoming holiday. It is the highest estimate the NSC has had since 2012 for this holiday, and is 12% higher than it has been for the previous 6 Memorial Day weekends. Additionally, the NSC also estimates that 47,000 people may face serious injury during this time. Lets work to stay safe on the roads.

“Memorial Day marks the start of summer – not the start of another deadly driving season,” said President and CEO of the NSC, Deborah A.P. Hersman. She says that paying attention, slowing down, and being courteous can ensure that you make it to picnics, beaches, and BBQs, rather than emergency rooms.

Here are some tips to enjoy your holiday weekend safely:

  • Always wear a seat belt, no matter how short the trip is. Over 100 lives may be saved during this holiday if people buckle up.
  • Make sure children are properly seated and restrained in a car seat that accommodates them for their height, age, and weight.
  • Decide on a Designated Driver or plan for alternative transportation. It takes one hour for every drink you have consumed to become sober.
  • Assure that you get plenty of sleep and take breaks, if needed, to avoid fatigue.
  • Never text and drive. 3,000 deaths a year are attributed to distracted drivers.
  • Learn about your car’s safety systems and be sure to utilize them.

To read more about the NSC’s Memorial Day estimates, click here.

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