Uber, Lyft Drivers: How Fair is the Fare?


False claims and ratings from passengers can adversely affect the driver and their overall rating.

Many Ridesharing Drivers have expressed their thoughts and feelings online in forums; discussing wages, surge hours and pricing, seeking advice, or just looking to vent. While having a vocal and supportive community is important, where is the support from their platform of choice? Both Uber, Lyft drivers have support pages on their websites and social media accounts that speak with people about their issues. Despite that, many drivers are still having difficulty reaching an actual person to speak to.

I can’t reach Lyft about a ride that sexually assaulted me!Lyft Driver
Does anybody know how to get ahold of a live person at partner support?Uber Driver

These are only some of the issues that affect drivers across all Ridesharing Platforms.

These types of posts are all over these forums. The fact that these Drivers are having difficulty reaching someone to talk to make the issues they experience even more frightening. Who’s Driving You? provides lists of deaths, assaults, kidnappings, and more that have happened to passengers, but what about incidents against drivers? No such comprehensive list exists for incidents against drivers. So, once again, we turn to the forums.

One female driver had an inebriated passenger who decided to sit in the front seat, harass her, and even offer her drugs. She was inquiring to the other drivers if she could have use a stun gun without getting in trouble. Uber and Lyft both have a zero-tolerance weapon carrying policy, meaning drivers could be suspended or banned from their platform for trying to save their own lives. Another story, involving a disabled grandmother, rings that same bell. Her passenger wanted her to park the car so he could follow a woman he had just been with. The passenger started to verbally abuse the driver, so she grabbed her phone, keys, and pepper spray, which was never actually used, and exited the vehicle. After reporting the incident to Lyft, she was suspended from the platform for just carrying pepper spray.

So, what happens to the passengers that act out in this way?

Riders can face suspension from the platforms, just the same as drivers. However, to become a rider, all you need is a valid email address, phone number, and credit card number. This brings up another serious issue of riders lying about who they are. We ran a survey of Ridesharing Drivers, and one respondent was very expressive about this very problem.

Requestors are never themselves. This poses many safety and criminal implications. Lyft and Uber put profits above safety of their drivers who they force to be independent consultants. If we refuse to transport the rider who was not the requestor, after 3 – 3-star ratings or less they drop us with no recourse and no way to have impartial system to support drivers and find out why the driver refused ride or had a bad experience.Ridesharing Driver

Uber, Lyft Drivers Watch Out for False Claims

False claims and ratings from passengers can adversely affect the driver and their overall rating. Once a driver drops below a certain rating, usually around 4.6, they can face suspension or deactivation from the platform. Uber offers a class to drivers with low ratings, which may run the driver around $100. Insincere ratings can cost these drivers money and even their jobs.

These are only some of the issues that affect drivers across all Ridesharing Platforms. The companies seem to care more about PR and how the passengers feel, rather than taking care of their drivers. Some drivers are clueless when it comes to proper insurance coverage, filing taxes, or handling emergency situations and drunk passengers. This also ends up coming back to the passenger. Without the right coverage, the driver could end up being uncovered by their Ridesharing Platform’s insurance and possibly dropped by their insurance company, leaving them to pay for injuries and damages out of pocket. Passengers need to feel safe and comfortable when they enter an Uber or Lyft, and that responsibility needs be held by these platforms.

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