Walmart Employees Taking Part in Delivery on Commute Home


Volunteer Walmart associates can sign up to deliver products to customer’s homes on their way home from work.

Yesterday, President and CEO of Walmart U.S. eCommerce, Marc Lore, announced that Walmart is testing another method of quick product delivery – their employees on their commute home. This new program further blurs the line between on-the-job and off-the-job driving and materials handling.

Volunteer Walmart associates can sign up to deliver products to customer’s homes. These deliveries will occur after-hours and on their commute home from work. Employees can choose the size, weight, and quantities of packages to deliver. They even set a schedule for when they want to make these deliveries. As of now, only three locations have begun testing this new delivery system. But, Lore says the response from associates and customers has been great.

For some employees, those ordinary off-the-job driving miles may very well turn into on-the-job liabilities, even though they are commuting home.

With this new approach to delivery, Walmart now has many more “company drivers” to manage and protect. Even though associates are using their personal vehicles, Walmart will likely cover the crash costs of all their employees. Certainly not just their traditionally-categorized (and insured) company drivers.

“When people think of the human and financial impact of traffic crashes on the workplace, they think about company car drivers,” said Jack Hanley. Motor vehicle crashes on and off the job cost employers $47.4 billion in 2013. Nearly half of this cost resulted from off-the-job injuries to workers and their dependents.

What’s not yet clear exactly is how this affects Walmart’s training priorities. We hope this is an opportunity for Walmart to implement a company-wide driver health & safety program to help control costs and safeguard their employees from motor vehicle crash injuries.

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